Become a Certified Authenticity Assessor Today

Looking for Tools for your Coaching Toolkit?

Becoming a Certified Authenticity Assessor gives you a tool that improves the lives of your clients and grows your business.


The CAA program is a tool that when added to your toolkit will allow you to use the Authenticity Assessment with your clients.

You will learn all about the assessment including how to administer it, interpret the results and
implementing the results with your clients.

You also learn how to effectively use the assessment
to grow your business.

What if you had a tool that was as good for your business as it was for your clients? Get certified and grow your business while changing lives.


This three day training will provide you with all you need to start offering the
assessment as part of your practice.

Training includes 12 hours of face-to-face training over Zoom and access to online resources.

Receive a 10% discount when paying in full or select our three month payment plan.

Meet The Founder:


Norma Hollis is a Master Change Catalyst who writes programs for human development. She has initiated change in a variety of industries while spending three decades researching human nature from personal professional, and spiritual perspectives.

In her most poular program, Authenticize, she teaches you how to exercise authenticity throughout your life, creating the change that you are destined to make in the world.

The Authenticize program is acclaimed for its ability to teach self-awareness. It grew from Norma’s first career directing child development programs, her second career as the owner of a speaker bureau and her current work in the professional coaching industry.

Norma currently certifies coaches, speakers and leaders to integrate her Authenticize process with their clients and platforms. At the Masterclass, Norma introduces you to her Authenticity Grid and shares how you can use it as a tool for personal, organizational and community growth and change.

Norma is the author of Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership, which is cited by authorities in the leaderhsip field. She has also authored Ten Steps to Authenticity and The Process to Become a Professional Speaker, as well as multiple online classes and programs that help people gain clarity about themselves and their purpose, the courage to be their authentic self and tools to turn these concepts into a successful business and life.

Certified AA

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